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Hedge Care

Hedges come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and species providing privacy, security, stock proof boundaries and a wealth of habitat for wildlife. However, without regular care hedges can quickly lose their shape and grow out of control.


Treecreeper Arborists can provide a range of hedge care services, including ongoing management plans to take all of the stress out of maintaining your hedge. We can contact you every year when your hedge is due to be trimmed, resulting in a hassle free, perfectly maintained boundary.


Please contact us for information regarding one off maintenance, ongoing management plans or any other queries.




Most hedges are trimmed regularly to keep them under control – but are they left healthy? Time of year, amount trimmed and visual impact are all aspects which we take into account, leaving your hedges looking and growing as they should.

Height Reduction

Hedges can get too tall for their location, resulting in loss of light, space and sometimes neighbourly disputes. We can reduce the height of any type of hedge, making it more manageable and saving arguments with your neighbours!


Hedge laying is a very traditional rural skill which we are proud to be able to offer. We can lay hedges in several styles, creating valuable habitat, healthy hedges and aesthetically pleasing boundaries. Carried out in the winter months, this is an excellent way of rejuvenating an overgrown hedge.


Someone has to plant all these hedges, so why not get professionals in? Planting techniques and aftercare is vitally important and can make the difference between your new hedge living or dying. Our advice is free, so if you’re thinking of planting your own hedge, feel free to call us to discuss your options.

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