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Tree Surgery

Many trees are planted with the best intentions, but eventually become too big, too dense or in some cases too dangerous to be left unattended. Removing a tree is always a last resort.


A skilled and experienced Arborist can carry out various works to your trees, which can often achieve your desired effect while maintaining the tree’s natural appearance. Detailed below are just some of the options we can offer. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your own trees.



Reductions and reshapes

In many cases, a tree will simply outgrow its position. A light reduction will bring the outer canopy of the tree within more manageable limits. This involves pruning off the ends of the branches, leaving a growth point wherever possible and maintaining the natural shape of the tree.


Where a tree has a particularly dense crown, branches can be removed evenly throughout the canopy to increase light penetration and minimise potential wind damage. Where possible, this is considered to be a preferential management technique due to the tree’s natural reaction to pruning.


This involves removing the lower branches from the crown, leaving the majority of the canopy untouched. This can be carried out to remove hazards to pedestrians or vehicles, allow more light to low level planting, or create the appearance of a more open space.


In situations of excessive tree growth, pollarding can be used to bring certain species under control. Although initially aesthetically drastic, this is a traditional method which can even prolong the life of the tree. The whole crown is pruned off, leaving the main stem to regenerate into a new, smaller canopy.


Where space allows, this is the easiest and fastest way to take down an unwanted tree. Weight distribution, the physiology of the tree species, and wind strength and direction are just some of the things a professional will take into account before starting to fell a tree.


A tree can be carefully dismantled and lowered to the ground where there is no space to fell. Using specialist equipment and training, we can remove a tree piece by piece into the smallest ground space, or even over your greenhouse.

Fruit Trees

Pruning fruit trees to encourage healthy, productive growth adds a whole new dimension to tree surgery. Our team has had specific training in fruit tree management and pruning and Treecreeper Arborists are corporate members of Gloucestershire Orchard Group. We can tend either individual trees or look after whole orchards.

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